Brooklyn rapper Saint Jhn is a relative newcomer to the scene, but he's been picking up new fans with every release. With this in mind, he's readying his debut project, Collection 1, and released a new song,"I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night," to celebrate the occasion.

Saint Jhn is dropping Collection 1 on March 9, which will be his first full project. The new effort is currently set at 12 tracks, and will feature a few of Saint Jhn's previous works. Officially, the project will include the songs "Reflex," "3 Below," "Roses" and "Some Nights."

His newest song, "I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night," is produced by Fallen, and marries 1980s synths with modern 808s. It all works out smoothly, and Saint Jhn's singing voice holds everything together. "I heard you got too litt last night/Didn't make it home," he sings on the hook. "Mixin' purple with your purple sprite/Things you should've known."

Saint Jhn's verses describe the girl he was with when he was out on the town. "Too turnt/Last night you showed me all that ratchet shit that you learned," he tells. "I showed her how to treat a Lambo like an Uber/Dancing naked on a table that's the true her." While he seems happy about how crazy things are, he ends his last verse with a desire for normalcy: "Flexin' on my wrist/Last night I did way too lit, I forget/Panties on my dash, pictures with no flash/This life too fast, take me back, take me back."

Last October, Saint Jhn dropped "Hermes Freestyle," where he raps, a far different song from "I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night." He also unleashed the video for his song "3 Below" in May 2017, and sat down with XXL in 2016, discussing his various influences. "I listen to a lot of different things," he shared. "If I feel like waking up and listening to Garth Brooks that’s what I’m going to listen to, if I feel like listening to Tom Petty that’s what I’m listening to. Not to mention I grew up in Guyana and I largely listened to reggae. So I don’t know what box I can be in."

Listen to Saint Jhn's "I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night" below.

Godd ComplexX
Godd ComplexX

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