Brooklyn's definitely in the building. This past Monday (March 26), Saint Jhn unleashed his debut album Collection 1, a project he'd originally planned to drop on March 9.

Checking in at a healthy 13 tracks, Collection 1 boasts just about everything fans have come to love about the N-Y artist. On the Fallen-produced "I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night,", Jhn flaunts some solid vocals over retro synths. "I heard you got too litt last night/Didn't make it home," he croons on the hook for the track. "Mixing purple with your purple sprite/Things you should've known."

Tracks like "Selfish" showcase Jhn's ability to make pop-leaning tracks. Meanwhile, "God Bless The Ratchets" proves he can take things to the trap. Jhn does it all, and he'll leave dividing borders up to listeners.

“I leave the boxes for the people who are looking for boxes," the rapper told XXL last fall when asked if he'd been compared to other rappers.

He continued, "If you want to put me in a box, you’ll put me in it. I guarantee no two people would have the same box [for me] though. I listen to a lot of different things. If I feel like waking up and listening to Garth Brooks that’s what I’m going to listen to, if I feel like listening to Tom Petty that’s what I’m listening to. Not to mention I grew up in Guyana and I largely listened to reggae. So I don’t know what box I can be in."

Stream Collection 1 below, and cop it on iTunes. Look out for his tour in May.

Saint Jhn's Collection 1 Tracklist

1. "Lust" featuring Janelle Kroll
2. "3 Below"
3. "Surf Club"
4. "Roses"
5. "Reflex"
6. "God Bless the Internet"
7. "Selfish"
8. "God Bless The Ratchets"
9. "Nigga Shit"
10."Traci Lords"
11. "Brilliant Bitch"
12. "Some Nights (Extended)"
13. "I Heard You Got Too Litt Last Night"

Godd Complexx / Hitco / EMPIRE
Godd Complexx / Hitco / EMPIRE

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