SahBabii put in work in 2018 and he might not be done yet. While the "Pull Up Wit Ah Stick" rapper doesn't have the boisterous personality of some of his A-Town counterparts, he's definitely making a name for himself and bolstered his stock with the Squidtastic mixtape in August. He is the latest artist to participate in XXL's ABCs, a segment where we give rappers free reign to come off the top of the dome with the first thing that comes to mind for each letter of the alphabet.

For SahBabii's ABCs, he keeps things mostly basic, choosing to forego some of the more outlandish answers we've received in the past. "A, I'ma go with Atlanta. That's where everything started at," he begins.

The rapper adds a little more details into his life on G. "Games," he says, referring to game systems like XBox and Playstation. "That's mostly what I do all day, play the game."

Things get a little interesting on the letter P, where Sah makes a hilarious admission. "Paper. I used to eat paper when I was little. I ain't even gonna lie."

Aside from his ABCs, Sah chopped it up with XXL about what he's been up to since putting out his last project. There may be more in store for 2018.

"I still record a lot, I got a whole bunch of songs, the next project gon' be on smash," he said. "I recorded a lot of songs from the S.A.N.D.A.S. [mixtape] era, so I can just pick songs from that too. I might put something else out this year."

SahBabii will be embarking on a tour along with Young Nudy. He also revealed he will be putting out multiple visuals soon. "I'm looking forward to this tour and these videos, I'm looking forward to this 'Anime World' video," he added. "Droppin' a lot of videos for the fans to see. I'ma be coming with some new music. It's gonna be a surprise."

Right now, check out SahBabii break down his basics in the latest edition of XXL's ABCs above.

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