Could RZA be adopting a famed Michael Jordan motto? His Airness allegedly said that "Republicans buy sneakers too" when asked to endorse a Democrat during a 1990 North Carolina Senate race, and now the Wu-Tang general seems to be toeing the same line, following up statements made in July in which he officially supported Hillary Clinton with complimentary remarks about her opponent Donald Trump.

RZA sat down with Interpol frontman Paul Banks for a conversation on Pitchfork Radio's Talkhouse Music Podcast, the two having just released their collaborative album Anything But Words last month. During the course of the conversation, which is included below, Bobby Digital seems to run previous comments he had made regarding how a Donald Trump presidency would negatively reflect on the country's worldview.

“To me, I don't hear the ego," he says. "I'm like, 'That's New York, man.' You could go to any pizzeria and talk to a guy like that, and you're going to get the same thing!“ He also placed a positive spin on Fox News saying, “they keep it gully!” and called out Rodrigo Duterte, the President of the Philippines, for inflammatory statements he made about President Obama.

“Don’t you ever get the gall in your mouth and heart to call the President of The United States the son of a whore. Don’t never do that, kid. Come to my neighborhood, come to Staten Island with that,” he said.

It seems altogether possible that RZA is simply stirring the pot here, going so far right as a parody or stunt, but the comments are nonetheless surprising considering hip-hop's overwhelming outcry denouncing Trump. Listen to the chat below, with a list of rapper's who have dissed Trump a bit further down.

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