Run The Jewels team up with Stephen Colbert for a hilarious skit called "The Halloween Wiggle." You can view the three-minute video above via YouTube.

The clip begins with Colbert talking about how Halloween doesn't have any trademark songs. The TV show host says, "There's the 'Monster Mash,' but that's like 50-something years old. We need a new one. Christmas has all kinds of ones. Well, I recently took the matter into my own hands." Colbert, rocking an orange Halloween-themed hoodie, starts spitting PG bars about ghosts, goblins and vampires. Then, RTJ comes in with the wildly inappropriate lyrics to set up the funny juxtaposition. For the rest of the clip, Colbert and RTJ go back and forth, with Colbert failing miserably in his attempt to tone down the sexually explicit lyrics.

In other Run The Jewels-related news, the hip-hop duo recently dropped a new single called "Talk to Me." Killer Mike spits, “Went to war with the devil and shaytan/He wore a bad toupee and a spray tan." He closes his verse with a summary of Black life in America, rapping, “Militant Michael might go psycho/On any ally or rival/Born black, that’s dead on arrival/My job is to fight for survival/In spite of these all lives matter ass white folk."

Their music was also featured in the trailer for Netflix's new Luke Cage superhero series. Their song "Heart is Full" song comes in around the 1:30 mark of the clip, which includes part of El-P’s verse. He raps, “I’m from a city where havin’ a heart is not suggested / I’m a maverick at tappin’ backs, I’m a savage inventor / I’m cleanin’ braces with tongue and vac and a bag of dentures.” The trailer also contains part of the hook, and then the video shimmies into Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s classic track, “Shimmy Shimmy Ya.”

Run The Jewels 3 is coming soon.

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