One of the greatest reigns in hip-hop history was undoubtedly the Ruff Ryders time atop the game. The Combat Jack Show recently sat down with the co-founder of Ruff Ryders, Joaquin "Waah" Dean, who broke down the entire history of the Ruff Ryders. Amongst the countless classic stories Dean tells, the one that stood out was his account of the infamous battle between DMX and Jay Z in a pool hall before either was known world wide.

"It was ugly in there. It was a [small] pool hall]. We battled on top of the pool table because it was so packed," said Dean. "There was only one pool table so every time you spit you had to get up on the table because it was so packed...X and Jay Z were last. Guys were waving guns and all that, it was crazy...We were all in there. Dame [Dash], me and my brother, Dee, Jay Z, it was good money. We was havin' fun with it! X was more aggressive, he was really going at [Jay]. We still won, we felt good about it. It was a beautiful thing."

Waah and Combat went on to talk for about two hours and spoke about The LOX, DMX and much, much more. Get the hip-hop history lesson in full above.

[The Combat Jack Show]
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