Earlier today, the internet was on fire with rumors that Rocko and Future had settled their lawsuit in a wild way.

An unsubstantiated report on what is surely the most unreliable website on the internet, MediaTakeOut, claimed Future would have to pay all royalties on his next two albums to Rocko, who sued Hendrix last year for cutting a deal with Epic and not including the A1 boss on any portion of the deal. MTO also reported that Future would have to pay 50 percent of his tour revenue for the next two years to Rocko. DJ Vlad's blog reported on the same falsity, and Twitter proceeded to go nuts.

But soon after, the "Umma Do Me" rapper took to Twitter and Instagram to shoot down the ridiculous rumors. "WHO COMES UP W/ THESE STORIES THO??" he wrote on IG, before tweeting, "NOT SURE WHO CAME UP WITH THAT PHONY STORY BUT IT IS FALSE!" You can see both posts below.

While these rumors are obviously not true, there's a good chance Rocko stands to benefit from the lawsuit. If Future signed to Epic while still being under contract to A1, he may owe a significant amount of money to Rocko. All of Future's albums still come out under A1/FreeBandz/Epic, so he's definitely still contractually obligated to the guy who first signed him in some way or another.

Read about Rocko and Future's rocky history right here.

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