It seems like there's a long way to go before Rob Stone is on friendly terms with either XXXTentacion or Ski Mask The Slump God. Since we spoke with Ski Mask and Rob about what happened on tour with Desiigner, which led to a fight, there have been no public moves made to ameliorate the situation. In fact, Rob Stone heaps a load of more fuel onto the fire with a new diss track titled "Xxxtracredit."

Over the ominous production from Zaytoven, Rob Stone takes an indifferent tone by calling the work he's putting in on the track as extra credit, or in other words, not challenging. He calls his foes "10-year-old kids," claims Ski Mask was jealous of Rob while on tour, and knows he can beat them over beats or on the black top. He specifically attacks XXX for the alleged assault of his pregnant girlfriend at the time, which he denies, as well as releasing Rob's phone number to the public.

Rob Stone closes the track by speaking directly to XXX and Ski Mask, warning them not to come to California, specifically San Diego. He also tells Drake not to worry about XXX. The SoundCloud description also reads, "DON'T COME BACK TO CALIFORNIA."

Rob Stone plans on releasing his new mixtape To My Opponents next month. You can listen to the diss track "Xxxtracredit" below.

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