UK-based comedian Michael Dapaah, whose Roadman Shaq persona recently catapulted him into the spotlight after his "The Ting Goes" freestyle went viral following an appearance on BBC Radio 1Xtra's Fire in the Booth, has decided to continue on with the act, releasing a full version of the meme-worthy track.

The internet remains undefeated, with the comedian's MC character hilariously winning over fans and inspiring a slew of memes. Who can forget the freestyle's golden opening line and accompanying impression of rapid-fire gunshots, "The ting goes, grraahhh, pot, pot, cot, cot, cot, scat"?

In the official recording, aptly titled "Man's Not Hot," Roadman Shaq continues on in the same light-hearted manner, flawlessly imitating a grime MC over a murky beat and revisiting the now-legendary mock gun sound effects around the 1:40-minute mark.

The MC-inspired character plays an integral role in Dapaah's new mockumentary series, Somewhere In London, which is a collection of video clips following a handful of individuals as they navigate life in London. During the series, Roadman lands himself a new record deal, as well as makes a surprise guest appearance during Suspect OTB's live set in London.

Needless to say, Dapaah is on the road to comedic brilliance as he further develops his alter ego and continues to share his antics with his rapidly growing fanbase on YouTube. While we've seen a generous handful of hilarious hip-hop inspired memes throughout the course of 2017, this one is definitely in the running for top five of the year.

Take a listen to Roadman Shaq's official recording of "Man's Not Hot" below via Spotify.

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