Following the release of videos for the songs "Wraith" and "Floetry" featuring Kensei Abbot, Ro Ransom drops off his new EP, Possessed. Released on Friday (Sept. 14), the project features eight songs and includes appearances from Kensei Abott on three of the tracks.

On Instagram, Ransom celebrated the arrival of his latest record and gave a shoutout to a few of his inspirations which may come as a surprise. "Thank you AALIYAH, DESTINYS CHILD, TLC, MISSY, NELLY FURTADO, BRITNEY, J LO and countless others for the inspiration," he wrote.

On "Wraith," Ransom shows off his signature sing-rap style, crooning, "'Cause sometimes I just gotta go do my own thing (preach)/Flyin' through the sky gettin' high as an angel's wings/Can't tell a lie, all my dawgs want the kid home safe (skrrt skrrt)/Lift up out the hood, had to walk, bet I come back in the Wraith."

The Possessed EP is Ro Ransom's latest project since the release of his Momentum mixtape in 2017. Like Possessed, the 10-track project featured a number of appearances from Kensei Abott, as well as a guest spot from Jazz Cartier on the song "Prettiest."

Check out the tracklist and listen to Possessed below.

Ro Ransom's Possessed Tracklist

1. "Pop"
2. "Wraith"
3. "Wake Up on You"
4. "Draped in Ice" featuring Kensei Abbot
5. "Countdown"
6. "Take Control"
7. "Floetry" featuring Kensei Abbot
8. "Might Go" featuring Kensei Abbot

Same Plate Entertainment / Sony Music Entertainment
Same Plate Entertainment / Sony Music Entertainment

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