Is Travis Scott behind the numerous Rihanna album delays? A Rihanna songwriter named Glass John took to Twitter over the weekend to air some grievances with Scott, who he says has negatively influenced the production, rollout and imagining of Rihanna's eighth studio album. According to John, who wrote "Kiss It Better" off RiRi's upcoming album ANTI, Scott has convinced Rihanna that she needs to make a "trap hood ghetto album" and was behind "Bitch Better Have My Money" being the lead single. John also explains that it was Scott's idea to change the album name from R8 to ANTI.

The tweet spree is pretty lucid, with John even claiming at one point that he was "very sober" and just "mad because of this lame." John repeatedly refers to Rihanna as his "wife" at one point even writing "[The album] was suppose to drop on my birthday 11.6th so then me and her could tell the world about us." The tone does get threatening at one point when John references the "ghetto unsafe clubs" Scott has taken Rihanna in the past, saying, "I AM GOING TO BEAT YOUR ASS IF YOU EVER PUT MY WIFES LIFE IN DANGER," before clarifying, "I MENT EVER AGAIN... But I am going to literally beat your ass."

Whatever the reason, Rihanna has yet to really capture the moment as she so typically does before an album release. According to John, "Kiss It Better," which was produced by Jeff Bhasker, was supposed to be the lead single but Scott had other ideas. Check below for some of the tweets calling Scott out for his meddling.



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