Rich The Kid has been hospitalized after reportedly being the victim of a robbery and assault during a home invasion a couple days ago. Now, his girlfriend is denying claims that she had a hand in setting the "Plug Walk" rapper up.

As previously reported, on Friday morning (June 15), a picture went up on Rich's Instagram account that shows him laid up in a hospital bed looking like he is in really bad shape. There is no caption on the photo, but later reports came out that the rapper had been the victim of a home invasion gone bad.

According to TMZ, on Thursday night (June 14), Rich was attacked and robbed while at the Los Angeles home of his girlfriend, Tori Brixx. Their sources say two masked men forced their way into the home and demanded valuables. When Rich tried to fend off the attackers, more men entered and brutally beat the rapper before making off with a "significant amount" of items.

Brixx was pistol whipped during the chaotic event as well, TMZ reports. However, she has had to suffer through claims she was the person who set the whole thing up. Brixx has hopped on social media to deny those claims.

"I don't really expect y'all to understand where I'm coming from," she says in the video showing off her bruised face. "It disappoints me to see women. Y'all want to see...I don't know, man. I'm trying to figure this shit out. It disappoints me to see, like if they post some shit it like, 'Her eye ain't big enough and she set this nigga up.' I'm disappointed because I ain't set nobody up. 'Cause at the end of the day, if I asked Rich for it, he would have gave it to me, 'cause that's how much he fuck with me. I don't gotta ask nobody for no chain. Like, if I wanted a chain I could have 10 chains. If I wanted X, Y and Z, I can have that. So I don't need no niggas to run in and take no shit. Number one, I got my own money. Let's keep that in mind."

The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating the crime. No suspects have been arrested.

See Tori Brixx's side of the story below.

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