Rich The Kid has a lucrative part-time job offer for someone experienced in the field of rolling blunts. Are you that somebody?

On Saturday (April 20), the "Plug Walk" rapper was at an outdoor event rolling up for the marijuana holiday when he had a revelation. Rich decided to put the word out that he is in need of a dedicated blunt roller.

"I got $5,000 for a blunt roller to come on tour with me, 'cause I shouldn't be rolling up on 4/20 myself," the rapper said. "So, if you trying to, damn, roll up, let me know."

Rich even bolstered his claim by commenting a money bag emoji and wide eyes on a Twitter post about the job offer. He had plenty of people willing and ready in the comments. "HMU @richthekid im consistent and I roll woods rillos and papers," one person wrote.

"You can hire me for this shit‍♀️I don’t smoke so you ain’t gotta worry about bud missing," another added. Some even shared photos of their rolling skills.

While most rappers just pick someone in their entourage to twist up their bud, Rich isn't the first rhymer to outsource the position. Back in 2014, Waka Flocka Flame made a similar offer. However, Waka was looking to hire a full-time employee. The BrickSquad rapper was willing to pay out $50,000 a year.

Are you qualified? Check out Rich The Kid's employment pitch below.

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