There's no question, Rich the Kid is one of the hardest working individuals in all of hip-hop. Continuously dropping new music and videos (through Twitter and the blogosphere) the rapper's hustle has been recognized by some of the biggest figures in the music business.

Having already collaborated with hip-hop acts such as Migos, Iamsu!, iLoveMakonnen, Rome Fortune and more, the 23-year-old has even stepped into the world of EDM by recently by teaming up with renowned producer and DJ Steve Aoki on "How Else." One collaboration that has plenty of people on the edge of their seats is his work with R&B sensation Frank Ocean. The singer has been low-key for over a year after deleting his social media accounts, minus his Tumblr page. When he appeared on social media thanks to Rich sharing a screenshot of his FaceTime conversation with Frank, the internet went crazy since this was the first time the Channel Orange creator's face was seen in what seems like forever.

While many fans have been left wondering how the Queens, N.Y. native managed to get in touch with Frank Ocean, during a recent visit to the XXL offices in New York City, Rich the Kid decided to speak briefly on the topic. After showing off his FaceTime call with Frank, he quickly deleted the image, but by the time it was gone from his Twitter page, the photo had already been shared all over the internet. Rich, who has a few musical projects of his own in the works, explains to XXL the reason why he deleted the photos as well as the possible collaboration between himself and Frank. Check out our conversation with Rich the Kid below.

XXL: How did you end up linking up with Frank Ocean?

Rich the Kid: I posted the picture and it went viral. Everybody seen me talking to Frank Ocean so they know something is coming, so something is coming with Frank Ocean just wait on it and you know, people were just like “Whoa, Rich the Kid found Frank Ocean!”

Did Frank Ocean reach out to you or did you initiate the contact?

I reached out to him. I called him on FaceTime and I was like “Where you at?” and he was like, “I’m in L.A. at the studio and it’s time to cook.”

What happened after the picture was posted?

After I posted the picture of Frank Ocean, I think his little brother called him and said the picture was all over the internet, so Frank Ocean was like I’m not on social media like that but it’s cool. I'm not mad about it.

Did Ocean's management reach out to you about the photo?

One of my management people called me and told me they were trying to keep him offline, so I apologize for that.

Rich The Kid
Rich The Kid

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