Kanye West's antics on Twitter and unpredictable actions surrounding the release of his album The Life of Pablo have entertained plenty of people, but they have caused concern for one of his friends. Longtime collaborator Rhymefest has expressed his concern for Kanye West's state of mind in a series of tweets today (Feb. 12).

Rhymefest has worked with Kanye since their early days in the Chicago rap scene and penned Kanye's Grammy Award winning hit "Jesus Walks" from The College Dropout.

A fan suggested that Rhymefest should be involved in Kanye's Twitter and media statements, which prompted the Chicago rapper to speak on his friend's well being.

"My brother needs help in the form of counseling," Rhymefest wrote. "Spiritual and mental. He should step away from the public and yes men and heal."

Another fan asked for Rhymefest to start writing Kanye's rhymes again. Rhymefest explained why that cannot happen.

"His mind and spirit isn't right," Rhymefest wrote.

One Twitter user criticized Rhymefest for using the social media service to speak on Kanye's alleged issues instead of having a private conversation. Rhymefest explained that he tried to reach Kanye behind closed doors before and it was unsuccessful. He also made a point to say he was not airing out Kanye.

"Stop," Rhymefest wrote. "Nobody airing nobody out. Until you walk our paths I ask that you reserve judgments."

It's unclear if this has been building up for quite some time or if Kanye's recent behavior provoked these words from Rhymefest.

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