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It's safe to say that Remy Ma and Papoose have one of the most battle-tested relationships in all of hip-hop. After all, the two of them married while Remy was still serving her prison sentence, and if your romance can survive that, it's probably indestructible.

The two New York City thoroughbreds recently explained bits and pieces of their relationship in an interview with Elle, and they even rapped about one another in separate verses. The two are usually pretty hardcore when it comes to their lyrics, but for the bars they spit in this interview are laced with love and tenderness.

"I love my wife, I need my wife/I swear she the only one in my life/She cook my food, she clean my clothes/I massage her feet and kiss her nose," Pap raps at one point in the video.

Pap says he first met Remy when she entered a recording studio he was working in. Apparently she demanded that he and the studio's other occupants turned the volume down, and kicked her feet up on a piece of equipment as she did so. Yup, definitely sounds like Remy.

At another point during their interview, Remy steps forth to spit, and she compares her romance with Pap to the more ephemeral type plenty of other people find themselves engaged in.

"He post all my pics, you seen me fam/Got all these chicks straight screaming on they man/Like 'Look at Pap with Rem, she was in the can'/He held me down, your man don't even hold your hand," Remy spit. You can watch the rest of their interview below.

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