Remy Ma is issuing a warning to all internet trolls: slick comments will not be tolerated.

Apparently fed up with the people talking smack in her comment section, the "ShETHER" rapper recently hopped on Instagram to lay down the law. "I'm realizing that it's either motherfuckers that forgot the rules on my page, or y'all some new motherfuckers that's just coming over here and y'all don't know the rules over here," she started. "You can't comment what you want on my page. Ima fucking block you. I might even take up the time to personally at you and violate you."

She added, "Soon as I get some time I am going to go on a blocking spree. I'm taking it so far, I'm not just blocking the motherfucker that wrote the comment I don't like. I'm blocking the motherfuckers that liked the comment."

Rem punctuated the post with the hash tags, "#ScrotumFace😂😂 #ItsRulesToThisShhh #RemyMa #RemyMafia #AndNoImNotMad #ActuallyImWeakkk #iForgotDickEater😊#TheyReallyBeMad😜#Barz #ItsOkToLaugh #DontTakeEverythingToTheButtHole😁."

Remy should have known a war with Nicki Minaj was at least going to come with some barbs from the Barbz. Either way, she's not standing for it.

The "All the Way Up" rapper has been quiet in the past couple of weeks after going at the Young Money First Lady, earlier in the month. Nicki has since returned fire. Is there more in store?

Check out Remy check the trolls below.

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