Remy Boy Monty is back with a new banger, and he's brought PnB Rock along for the ride on "Let Em Know." The track sees both rappers jumping into some melody over a bright-sounding instrumental that feels tailor-made for the summer.

Melding perfectly with the feel-good street vibe of the song, Monty and PnB both handle the hook, mixing in melody with sizable boasts. It all works more than a little well together.

"Bitch I'm living fast, She wanna take it slow/200 on the dash, so you know I'm close/All I get is cash, I'm on overload/Brown paper bags, neck full of gold/This for the bros, this for the hoes/Sipping 17, she already know/When we pulling up, it's a car show/They like Monty, Monty I'ma let 'em know," both rap in the hook, seemingly alternating between every bar.

Next up is a verse from PnB, who's all set to take the stage at Summer Jam a couple of weeks from now. Within the first few bars, the Philly rhymer lets you know he's not around for playing. "Monty, let 'em know/Bro you gotta let 'em know/That I'm ain't like these singin' niggas, I'm the type to let 'em go," he spits.

Monty, who's a prospective 2017 XXL Freshman, focuses more on flossing, rapping, "She said Monty, try to fit me in your schedule/I be smokin' sticky-icky on the regular/I got way too many numbers in my cellular/All this ice got it feelin' like it's February."

You can check out the song for yourself below.

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