Since the emergence of Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim has seemed to make her way back into the limelight, but everyone seems to think it’s only to fight the Young Money heiress for allegedly jacking her style.

While hip-hop’s Queen Bee might not be on hip-hop’s radar right now as the dopest female MC, people shouldn't forget that Kim helped pave the way for women in hip-hop. Whether you remember her as Biggie’s mistress or as the explicit female lyricist, there’s no disputing Lil Kim can flow and her talent reigned through ’90s. To help you remember all that the hip-hop queen had to offer, is here to take you down memory lane to look at the best of Lil Kim. — Amber McKynzie and Ralph Bristout

“Get Money” (w/ Junior M.A.F.I.A.) – Conspiracy (1995)

“Me shifty, now you wanna pistol whip, cock on ya nine while cock on mine…” There was no denying the young La Bella Mafia after Kim’s stellar verse on this Junior M.A.F.I.A. cut that showcased her raw, provocative, Hard Core rhyme style that would go on to take the world by storm.

“Players Anthem” (w/ Lil’ Cease & The Notorious B.I.G.) — Conspiracy (1995)

“I used to pack macs in the Cadillac…” Kim rides the coattail as the mafiosa, expelling a standout verse almost outshining her Brooklyn brethrens.

"No Time" (Featuring Puff Daddy) — Hard Core (1996)

More than 10 years later, she’s still "that same bitch from the escalator…"

“Big Momma Thang” (Featuring Jay-Z & Lil’ Cease) — Hard Core (1996)

“Lil’ Kim and Jigga sound like...” a quite impressive duet as the Queen Bee holds her own alongside Hov’s seemingly effortless verse.

“Not Tonight” (Featuring Jermaine Dupri) — Hard Core (1996)

Kim offers an intriguing woman’s anthem that sends a titillating message to all the fellas.

“Queen Bitch” (Featuring Notorious B.I.G.) — Hard Core (1996)

The Queen of Hip-Hop solidifies her gangsta with a vicious and rambunctious flow over the gritty production by The Hitmen.

"Crush On You" — Hard Core (1997)

It’s like this, Kim isn’t you’re average chick, and on this Lil’ Cease and Notorious B.I.G. assisted Hard Core single she doesn’t wish to be treated like one. “You want a cheap trick? Better go down to FreakNik…”

"Quiet Storm" (Remix) (w/ Mobb Deep) — Murda Muzik (1999)

Arguably one of Kim’s best featured verses since “Money, Power, Respect” and “All About the Benjamins,” the Notorious K.I.M. holds her own weight while keeping it Brooklyn with the QB’s Infamous. “My Brooklyn style speak for itself…”

"Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix)" (w/ Left Eye, Da Brat, Missy Elliot & Angie Martinez) — Nothing to Lose Soundtrack (1997)

One of the most memorable, if not the most memorable, female posse cut within the last 15 years. And Lil Kim was definitely the head chick in charge.

“It’s All About the Benjamins” (w/ Puff Daddy, The LOX & The Notorious B.I.G.) — No Way Out (1998)

“What the blood clot…” Now could you really recite this song without the Queen Bee’s verse? Not a chance. The Brooklynite offers one of her most dazzling lines alongside Bad Boy cohorts The LOX and late mentor, Notorious B.I.G.

“Suck My D#%K” — The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)

A couple harsh choice words for the haters and critics brought to you by the Notorious K.I.M.

"No Matter What They Say" — The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)

No matter what they say, K.I.M. leaves a more bitter taste in the mouths of her haters. “If I was you I'd hate me too, Louis Vuitton shoes and a whole lot of booze…”

"How Many Licks" (Featuring Sisqo) — The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)

A raunchy yet sexy tale of Kim’s sexcapades. Good looks on that XXL shoutout, QB.

“Hold On” (Featuring Mary J. Blige) — The Notorious K.I.M. (2000)

Kim’s most personal track yet finds the femcee shelling out a somber ballad to the man she grew to love, The Notorious B.I.G.

"The Jump Off" (Featuring Mr. Cheeks) — La Bella Mafia (2003)

This ode to the '95 Lost Boyz hit, featuring Mr. Cheeks (and the shuffle), finds Kim leaving fellas at a loss for words when the topic of a “Sprite can” is discussed.

"Magic Stick" (Featuring 50 Cent) — La Bella Mafia (2003)

What was the summer of ’03 like without the sounds of Kim and the G-Unit henchman’s “magical” braggadocio over the airwaves?

"Lighters Up" — The Naked Truth (2005)

“Brooklyn home of the greatest rappers, B.I.G. come first then the Queen come after…” This serenade to her beloved Brooklyn, NY would become Kim’s last single to chart the Billboard 100.

"Whoa" — The Naked Truth (2005)

The second official single off the critically acclaimed The Naked Truth finds Kim dishing out a couple shots at her former crew, Brooklyn Style.

"Download" (Featuring T-Pain & Charlie Wilson) — Non album track (2009)

Kim enlists R&B crooner Charlie Wilson and auto-tune happy T-Pain for the summer hit that spawned a remix featuring The-Dream and Soulja Boy.

“Thug Luv” (Featuring Twista) — La Bella Mafia (2003)

A memorable cut off the Queen Bee’s third solo album in which she trades bars with Chi Town’s zippy spitter Twista, while also attempting the fast pace style.