Atlantic Records signee RecoHavoc has had more than his fair share of low blows. The rapper lost both of his parents and a sister growing up, leaving the Southwest Philadelphia native to fend for himself after a brief stint in juvie. Now with a string of releases and millions of streams under his belt, Reco can finally look back at his tribulations and shortcomings with a smile as he progresses towards a brighter future.

For XXL's What I Do freestyle series, RecoHavoc reflects on what his rap career has afforded him in recent years. "Better do your research on me, I'm important," Reco begins. Noted.

His melodic delivery and drill rap flow shines with bars like "I think lil baby choosin', her main nigga losin'/Car got no ceilings, I'm hurtin' niggas' feelings/Young Tom Cruise and I drip like I'm boostin'/I'm not a civilian, I'm worth like a 'illion." He follows that up with: "I let auntie cook it, her whip game better/New Gucci sweater, complement the leather/Lil baby the shit, it ain't nothin' you can tell her/Whip game better, my whip game better, skuuurt."

RecoHavoc has been in the rap game for a few years now, but it was his 2016 single, "Lucas," that helped him gain mainstream attention. Three years later, the visual has over 2.5 million views, he's performed at Philly's 2017 Powerhouse and Rick Ross' Rather You Than Me Tour, and his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape, Started, continues to stream in the thousands—"Grease," his track with G Herbo, has already garnered over 40,000 streams. With solidified artists behind him, including a nod from Meek Mill, there's no telling where 2019 will take him.

Watch the "Fashion Question" rhymer deliver yet another entertaining freestyle up top.

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