At one point in time, a rapper going vegan was unheard of. Fast forward four decades later and a rapper with a strict vegetarian diet is typically the norm within the hip-hop community. More and more MCs are starting to adopt healthier ways of living and educating themselves on their food choices.

The most well known rapper-vegan is Jay Z. In 2013, the rapper went on a 22-day vegan diet challenge alongside his superstar wife, Beyonce. Their switch to a vegan lifestyle sent the internet into a frenzy and garnered an extreme amount of press. Waka Flocka also broke the internet when he came out as a vegan in December of 2015. The ATL rapper showed off his weight loss on Instagram explaining that it was all due to cutting GMO products and eating organic. In June, YG told The Breakfast Club he decided to make the switch too. "Where this cancer s— coming from?’ Everything we eat–the processed food and the stuff they put inside it,” the Compton rapper explained of his choice.

Andre 3000, Common, Raury and RZA have also went vegan at one point. Check out XXL's gallery of rappers with strict vegetarian diets above.

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