With spring in full swing, festival season is officially here. SXSW 2016 in Austin, Texas, the unofficial kick off to festival season, is in the books and has opened the floodgates once again to dope music lineups in the summer heat.

Governor's Ball, Coachella, FYF Fest and more are boasting hip-hop friendly lineups this year, retailers are convincing girls to cop flower crowns by the bundle and ticket prices have surged to an all-time high. But before you pick which city you're going to trek to with your friends for the occasion, think about what festival season is like on the other side of the stage barricades.

Though it may seem like the life of a rapper on tour is lavish, some MCs have just as hard of a time navigating the crowds, staying cool and securing wrist bands as the fans they're performing for. Not to mention, they have to keep their energy up for multiple performances in one day, sometimes in the blazing heat.

Rising rappers like Boston's Cousin Stizz is just getting into the swing of festivals and prefers staying away from the chaos while raging veterans Rae Sremmurd live for the girls and fast times. To gain some perspective through the eyes of the artists, XXL rallied up some rap friends to discuss their favorite (and least) aspects of festival season.