Love is in the air. Over the past year, there has been a decent number of rappers who got engaged to their significant others. It's pretty awesome to see all these young MCs hanging up their playa jerseys for the marriage life. Here are six rappers who recently made that leap.

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 Iggy Azalea engaged to L.A. Lakers guard Nick Young

During his 30th birthday party on June 1, Nick Young proposed to his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea. The Los Angeles Lakers guard presented Iggy with a gorgeous yellow diamond worth $500,000. Swaggy P designed the ring himself, alongside Jason of Beverly Hills. The yellow rock is an 8.15 carat Fancy Intense yellow center stone with another 2.28 carats of white diamonds set on 18 karat white gold.

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Logic Engaged to Jess Andrea

Logic got engaged to his fiancee late last year. He spoke to us about it last year. Read an expert of the interview below:

I never really been a whore. [Laughs] More power to anyone getting pussy, that’s what’s up, but I never was fucking random hoes and shit. I was never sleeping around anyway. So for me, the hardest part of being engaged isn’t the fact that I can’t have other women, because to me this woman is the most beautiful woman in the world. I want to be physically and mentally attracted to a woman. I’m like Jerry Seinfeld. I break up with a bitch if she eats peas a certain way. I analyzed my girl’s forehead like, “Okay, can I wake up to this forever?” So it’s not about that. That’s the easy part.

The hard part is about making time. But we’re both good about that. She’s understanding, she gets my career and really understands me. I think [that's] all that matters. Times are hard every now and then but for the most part it’s a great relationship that I hope continues to stay great that we’re both working hard to do. We’re just growing and we’re experiencing this for the first time together. But the fact that we were together and I created an album—I met her before it was made—then I went on two tours back-to-back, then I turned in my album and promoted my album and [now] I’m traveling all over the world and I’m doing press and this and that… At the end of our most hectic shit and business stuff and all this stuff, at the end of all that we’re still best friends and super tight, me and her. That’s when I knew.

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Kid Ink Engaged to Asiaz Azante

Kid Ink and longtime girlfriend Asiaz Azante got engaged. The rapper proposed to his future wife in Paris.

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Freddie Gibbs Engaged to Erica Dickerson

Freddie Gibbs got engaged to his longtime girlfriend Erica Dickerson, the daughter of Hall Of Fame NFL running back Eric Dickerson. Gibbs announced the news via his Instagram account posting photos of Erica’s hand flaunting a substantial size rock on her wedding finger along with the caption, “She ain’t say yes. She said 'Hell Yeah Nigga.' Daughter on the way, Gibbs family started. Thank U Lord." Their daughter, Irie Jane Gibbs, was born in April.

Kendrick Lamar Engaged to Whitney Alford

Kendrick Lamar got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Whitney Alford. During an interview with Power 105.1’s morning show The Breakfast Club, Lamar revealed that he got engaged to his high school sweetheart.

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Young Thug Met His Fiancée Jerrika

Young Thug confirmed to that he is indeed engaged to his longtime girlfriend Jerrika in April. Thugga and Reveal spoke on their relationship and said that they met at Gucci Mane’s studio. “We met in Gucci’s studio,” he said. “That was the first time we ever met. She turned me down and was like nah. I guess I was too street or something."

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