Multiple tragedies over the past 10 days have rocked the nation. The shooting death of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge police, the similar fatality of Philando Castile in Minnesota and the ambush-style murders of Dallas policemen have shocked and saddened all corners of the country and the world.

The Black Lives Matter movement has been a topic of much discussion recently. Following the Dallas tragedy, Black Lives Matter leaders released a statement, writing, "Black activists have raised the call for an end to violence, not an escalation of it. Yesterday's attack was the result of the actions of a lone gunman. To assign the actions of one person to an entire movement is dangerous and irresponsible. We continue our efforts to bring about a better world for all of us."

The hip-hop community has not strayed away from voicing its opinion about the ongoing events, and Chicago MC Lil Durk even got the phrase "Black lives matter" tattooed on his forearm.

Though most artists understand that the statement "Black lives matter" does not mean that other lives do not matter, some MCs are still having a difficult time grasping the distinction.

As a result, XXL has compiled a gallery of five rappers who angered fans by supporting the All Lives Matter movement. Artists including Fetty Wap, Gucci Mane and Kevin Gates have either taken to social media, spoken in interviews or booked shows at questionable venues to display their "All lives matter" support.

Many of these artists deserve the benefit of the doubt, because they quickly backtracked or deleted their posts after admitting they didn't fully understand what they were talking about. However, it's still interesting and important to take a look at these opinions and the reactions they garnered. Check out 5 Rappers Who Angered Fans by Supporting All Lives Matter Movement in the gallery above.