Former T.I. protégé Doe B recently had some unexpected visitors stop by his gravesite. According to reports from WSFA 12 News, someone decided to dig a foot and a half deep near the resting place of the deceased rapper at Greenwood-Serenity Cemetery in Montgomery, Ala.

"I never thought it would come down to this," said his mother Shirley Thomas. "It's crazy. I mean I can't understand it. I mean what are they looking for? He's dead." According to reports the suspect left the shovel standing upright on top of the grave where Cemetery officials found it Monday morning. His mother claimed that she has no clue if the shovel or digging were meant to send a message but did admit her son had enemies.

"I don't know why but with his fame and fortune, you know he was going somewhere. I'm disappointed," Thomas said.

In December of last year the Hustle Gang recording artist was killed at Centennial Hill Bar & Grill (formally known as The Rose) in his hometown of Montgomery, Ala.

As of yet no one has been arrested of the grave’s desecration.

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[WSFA 12 News]

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