Chinx may be gone, but he is far from forgotten. The late rapper's team keeps his name out there by dropping a music video that was filmed when he was still alive. Chinx's "Holla Then" video sees him in better times as he kicks some boastful bars.

"Hate to fall this height, bounce back/Take a selfie in the mirror, shawty make it bounce back/Versace on my face, cut the coupe for more space/And this bitch is all white like heaven, open up the gates/So 'fore you drop it boil in the water like the eye/Got a main bitch and another on the side/Four car garage, which one will I decide/Fuck up out my dope house, hurry up and buy/Nigga think it’s 7:30, we be 7:45/Young nigga spending money and we blow it every time/Nigga think it’s 7:30, we be 7:45/Young nigga spending money, we gone blow it every time," Chinx raps on the second verse.

Chinx's unsolved murder has led to some tension between his family and close associates like French Montana. French touched on those issues during an interview with Wendy Williams.

“I love Chinx mom, but I don’t think we ever had a relationship," Frenhc said. "I never spoke to her when he was alive. I might have spoken to her one time. The second time I spoke to her was at the funeral and she asked me, ‘What’s going on with my son?’ I said I told him to stay out the streets, don’t be driving around 4 in the morning by yourself or with another person. She said you’re not his father. I said okay."

Very few can truly understand the pain that Chinx's family must be going through to this day. The family is still searching for justice as Chinx's killer remains free.

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