Z-Ro is true veteran in hip-hop. When someone has been in the game as long as Z-Ro has, fans are bound to complain about any new direction in his career. Z-Ro let it be known that he has no time for such fans on his song "New Shit."

The Houston native revisits the track, which appeared on his Drankin' & Drivin' album, for a new music video. Z-Ro is seen around his house, lounging in the pool and hanging out at the auto shop during this video. Ultimately, the location does not matter as Z-Ro simply tells all the fickle listeners to go play his old music.

"Listen, if you were struggling back in '97 when I started this/And your ass still struggling in 2016, your hustle is garbage, bitch/I can't stay in the same old place, I gotta keep on moving/And since the music keep on playing I gotta keep on grooving," Z-Ro raps.

Z-Ro has a lot of music in the vaults, but he wants to make sure the material gets the recognition it deserves. The Mo City Don told XXL his work needs the proper distribution.

"It’s a lot of shit waiting to come out, but you want to be sure before you give some platinum shit to a silver muthafucka," he said. "You got to be weary with what you’re doing. For a masterpiece, getting a little money isn’t an equal exchange. You want to get some legs behind your shit. I need my shit in Berlin, Denmark, everywhere where the shit can make it to. It’s at least six projects sitting and waiting to see what’s going to happen with Drankin’ & Drivin’."

Z-Ro has a bunch of interesting albums in the works, including the long rumored Rotha Vandross Sings the Blues, so hopefully he finds the right situation to finally release them.

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