Saba is just one day away from releasing his new album Bucket List. With the LP due out in less than 24 hours, Saba decided to give fans one last preview.

The Chicago rapper debuted "Westside Bound 3" during an appearance on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 Radio show. The track, which features Pivot Gang member Joseph Chilliams, completes a trilogy that began on Saba's 2014 project ComfortZone.

"I was actually gonna just drop the whole idea. I tried it out a couple times and it didn't work," Saba told Lowe about the song. "I was talking to a bunch of kids who were from the westside of Chicago and they were so amped when they were telling how Westside 1 and 2 really inspired them."

Inspiration is driving force in Saba's music. The talented MC told XXL that he wants his work to motivate others.

My goal in music in general is to do for someone out there what music has done for me,” Saba said. “To put that hope in a young mind, in a young lost mind, in a young wandering mind, that shit is unmatched. Music reaches you in a way that no other thing can. So to be that voice, to be that conscience that leads you to the light. Just as a young person, I feel like that shit is important and that’s what I would like to be for a young child out there somewhere. Preferably from the West Side of Chicago so they can know that this shit is possible. And not even this shit like, ‘Hey go be a rapper,’ but go take that risk and go be what you want to be."

If you cannot wait for Saba's Bucket List to arrive, you can pre-order the LP now on iTunes and get instant access to two of its 13 tracks.

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