There's plenty on the line as Gunplay and Cormega team up on "Guns and Butter." Over Harry Fraud's opulent production, the two rappers exchange verses dealing with the real life repercussions of a life dedicating to the streets. Playing off of the principle that a nation can either invest in arms or provisions, at the detriment of the other, both Mega and Gunplay flex their lyrical chops with heavy-minded court room raps.

Kicking things off, Gunplay raps of bleak circumstances that often leave those from impoverished neighborhoods boxed in. Closing his verse, he raps, "Guns, butter, pistols, powder / Sticks, bricks, is you trill or coward? / Make up your mind, can’t straddle that line / Middle finger to the punk judge gavel in time." Gunplay often shines as he paints images of the incarcerated and the judicial system that consumes them with sobering perspective dexterity. 2013's "Heaven or Hell (Remix)" serves as a proper accompaniment to his rhymes here.

Cormega meanwhile follows suit, offering up sage wisdom to those looking to avoid any court room drama. "Pay attention it costs less than paying a lawyer / Taking advice could help more than taking an offer / That came from the court full of racists who judge on basis of color / We grace with, they hate us, we slaves no longer," he raps on the track's closing verse. Paired with Fraud's lush production, the union of the two rappers makes for dramatic and inspired listening. Listen to the track above.

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