From the outside looking in, Ralo appears to be in a dire situation having been charged with conspiracy last April when authorities arrested the Atlanta rapper after finding nearly $1 million worth of marijuana on a private flight he was on. The rapper's team, however, see good news coming and are claiming he recently turned down a plea deal.

On Tuesday (Feb. 12), the rapper celebrated his 24th birthday. On the same day, prosecutors reportedly offered him a plea deal in his case where he would do a shorter bid, presumably to tell on people. On Friday (Feb. 15), a photo of the rapper was posted to his Instagram page that shows him sitting next to large piles of money. The caption reads: "The Government offered him 5 years on his birthday, he smiled laughed, got off the phone wit his lawyer an fed his entire dorm bags of commissary."

The caption also claims he will be released soon. "Real niggas don’t fold he will b out this year #iPromise #FreeRalo," it closes.

Ralo has pleaded not guilty to the charges that he facilitated a cross-country drug ring and sold large quantities of pot out of apartments he owned in Atlanta. He has been denied bond.

The rapper's manager Queen has said he was targeted because of his lyrics. “The sad part is, I don’t understand why when Black people come together it can be considered a gang. Just because I love my bother and I want to be around my brother, why is that a gang?” she told 11AliveNews last year.

“He has been targeted because of his songs. Because of his lyrics. Because of his faith," she added.

See Ralo's post below.

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