While Ralo currently sits in jail after being arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit a felony in Georgia, his team is claiming his innocence.

As previously reported, Ralo was booked on Sunday (April 15), and is being held without bond. Later reports revealed an Atlanta apartment in the rapper's name had been raided by the FBI and ATF as the result of a lengthy investigation. The Feds claim the rapper, born Terrell Davis, was found with $840,000 worth of marijuana on a plane at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport in Atlanta on one occasion, and $1 million worth of pot on another. They also allege he has a leadership role in a street gang called Famerica, the title of Ralo's record label.

The rapper's manager Queen spoke with 11Alive News on Friday (April 20), where she downplayed the charges again him.

"Famerica is the record label Ralo started," she said in response to the Feds' claims it is in fact a gang. "He started that so he would be able to sign artists. He signed himself, and put out his own music.”

She added, “The sad part is, I don’t understand why when Black people come together it can be considered a gang. Just because I love my bother and I want to be around my brother, why is that a gang?”

She believes his music is the reason he is being targeted. “He has been targeted because of his songs. Because of his lyrics. Because of his faith," she said.

According to Queen, Ralo will appear in court next week and plead not guilty to the charges he faces.

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