T.I.'s faced a lot of backlash for his comments about making sure his daughter's a virgin, but don't expect Rah Digga to bash the Atlanta rapper.

Responding to a tweet that was posted on Monday (Dec. 2), Digga defended the actions of the rapper, who previously said he took his daughter Deyjah Harris to the gynecologist's office to make sure her hymen is still "intact." For her part, Digga thinks Tip's actions are just an example of him trying to monitor his daughter's sex life in a responsible way.

"Well I did it and guess what? When I found out she wasn't [a virgin] anymore did I berate her...No," Digga wrote in part. "Did I kick her out the house..No. I was able to have a convo where she openly told me what it was. And i emphasized being safe. And life went on..."

Digga also doesn't like that lawmakers could pass some legislation against having parents accompany their kids to the gynecologist to confirm whether or not they're sexually active.

"So on top of it being criminal for parents to discipline their children they're trying to make it criminal to monitor their sex lives," she wrote in a tweet response to a news article about New York legislators moving to ban "purity exams" after T.I.'s comments. "FOH!! I STAND WITH @Tip."

For his part, T.I. has somewhat backed off his previous comments. In a Nov. 25 episode of Jada Pinkett-Smith's talk show Red Table Talk, Tip insisted that his initial comments were made in jest. He also claimed that he never said he was still going to the gynecologist with his daughter after she turned 18.

"Firstly, I came to clear up any misconceptions that have been surrounding how we interact and parent and what is appropriate and inappropriate," T.I. said of his comments, which were made in a now-deleted episode of the popular Ladies Like Us podcast.

He continued: "I think all of this surrounds a conversation that I was having in a very joking manner when asked how do I deal with parenting in this day and age. And so I just began to—you know, from a place of truth, I began to embellish and exaggerate. And I think that a lot of people kind of like, took it extremely literal. Because if you put any of my reputation by like who I am as a father and who I've been, I honestly thought people knew me better than that."

See what Rah Digga's got to say about T.I.'s comments below.


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