Wu-Tang is for the children, but some stories should come with a parental advisory warning. Sitting down with 247HH, Raekwon recounted the story of a wild night where he, RZA, and the late Ol Dirty Bastard smoked angel dust--and did nearly 1,000 push-ups each. "For every Wu-Tang member, he has his own entourage," explained Rae. "That's why we was always so deep. You got 9 brothers; you may know 10 dudes and you may know 8 and you may know 6, he come with 12...that's 60 niggas right there!"

On the night in question, RZA's friends were in charge of the festivities. "These niggas was just hooded out," Rae recalls. A group of friends and hangers-on started passing around blunts dipped in PCP, and the effects took hold shortly thereafter. "I think we wound up doing, like, 900 push-ups that day, apiece." The Chef says some guys even overachieved: "Some niggas was in there doing 1,200!" The physical exertion, the Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... rapper says, is the only thing that curbed the effects of the "embalming fluid."

The last Wu-Tang group album to come out during ODB's lifetime was 2001's Iron Flag. The rapper passed away in 2004. His last solo album was 1999's Nigga Please, a critical and commercial success. His long-awaited third album, A Son Unique, has yet to secure an official release.

The years since his death have been marred by discord within the Clan, particularly between Rae and RZA. Wu-Tang's last two albums, 8 Diagrams and last year's A Better Tomorrow, have been contentious affairs, with Rae and other group members refusing to promote or even acknowledge some releases. Raekwon's 2011 album Shaolin Vs. Wu-Tang was initially conceived as a response to and rejection of the direction in which RZA had steered the group.