After being accused of sexual abuse by two women earlier this month, R. Kelly is now facing more abuse allegations and is being sued by a woman for sexual assault and transmitting an STD.

According to a May 21 report from TMZ, the accuser, Faith Rodgers, says she met R. Kelly in March 2017 following a performance in San Antonio, Texas. Rodgers, who was 19 years old at the time, claims Kelly later flew her to New York for a concert of his.

Following the New York show, Rodgers says the singer "bombarded" her hotel room and began "unwanted sexual contact," which included oral and vaginal intercourse. Rodgers called the incident "abusive sex" and said Kelly later criticized her for being "boring in bed."

The two allegedly dated for about a year and during that time, Rodgers was mentally, verbally and sexually abused, according to court documents. The woman also claims that failing to satisfy R. Kelly's sexual desires would lead to punishment in the form of being locked in rooms and cars.

Along with sexual assault, Rodgers is also suing the R&B singer for false imprisonment, as well as failure to disclose a sexually transmitted disease. Rodgers was revealed by her attorney, S. Lee Merritt, as the woman who secretly recorded a phone conversation with Kelly earlier this month. Rodgers attempted to get a confession from the singer during the phone call.

The new claims from Rodgers are just the latest in long list of sexual abuse allegations against the Chicago singer. All of the claims have recently led Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora to remove Kelly's music from its promoted playlists.

Earlier this month, Spotify introduced its new hate content and hateful conduct policy. "When an artist or creator does something that is especially harmful or hateful, it may affect the ways we work with or support that artist or creator," a statement to XXL read.

Kelly's team eventually responded to the move, saying, "Spotify has the right to promote whatever music it chooses, and in this case its actions are without merit. It is acting based on false and unproven allegations."

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