Quentin Miller is proving himself to be one of the hardest working rappers to come out of Atlanta. On Wednesday (Oct. 10), Quentin gifted himself with the ultimate birthday gift and dropped his new mixtape, X.X.

Keeping it short and sweet, the project includes 10 tracks. Guest appearances are made on track No. 6, "Playmaker," which features TheCoolIsMac, and on the No. 8 track "Good News," which features Dom.K and JDR.

The X.X. cover art features an abstract vibe with hits of the colors orange, red and beige surrounding the number "1317."

The "Road Less Traveled" artist has been working on new music consistently. Three months ago, Miller released his Q.M. album, which features Hit-Boy, Soundz, Peso and his Wdng Crshrs groupmate, TheCoolIsMac.

Aside from working on his own music, Quentin is associated with lending a helping hand to other artists. The "Puff Free.." rapper has assisted with Drake's surprise mixtape, If You're Reading This It's Too Late," on tracks such as "Know Yourself," "10 Bands" and "No Tellin.'" However, Quentin has stated that he will never work with Drake again.

"Never working with that guy again," he said in a deleted tweet on Twitter. "Deleted that tweet not out of fear.. I literally don't even care for that to become a thing... we're finished.. he's doing him, I'm doing me... point blank..

In addition to working with Drizzy, Miller has also worked with Wiz Khalifa on his track "Letterman." QM revealed on Twitter that although it's Wiz's song, it was originally intended for himself.

"I sent to an artist to see if he would throw a verse on it... next thing u know it was a wiz record," Quentin tweeted. "Like, cut and everything... what ima do? Stop it?? Fuck na lol."

Even though the record turned out to be the "Black and Yellow" artist's in the end, QM still showed him some love. "Btw Shoutout to @wizkhalifa ... internet be takin shit outta context... hopefully we'll work fr one these day," he continued on Twitter.

Listen to Quentin Miller's X.X. mixtape below.

Quentin Miller's X.X Mixtape Tracklist

1. “Problem Solved”
2. “Do You Have the Time???”
3. “High Level”
4. “Put Nothing Past You…”
5. “S.O.S”
6. “Playmaker” featuring TheCoolIsMac
7. Chris Angel
8. “Good News” featuring Dom.K and JDR
9. “Peace”
10. “Lost In It All”

1317 Recordings
1317 Recordings

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