Que Almighty, Jungle Muzik Larry and 70thStreetCarlos joined forces to create what we’d argue is the best song in Baton Rouge at the moment. The talented trio teamed up for “Put That on Gang,” which sees all three MCs spitting bars over production that you will only find in South Louisiana.

“All I know is gang, and I’ma bang, nigga/Temper’s short as Johnny Dang, kick shit like Liu Kang/No AK up in my habitat, more threes than Chance The Rapper’s hat/I ball, no cataracts/You trips done change purse’d ‘em, I’ma have to snap,” Que raps on the opening verse.

Carlos, a member of the same crew as rising star WNC Whop Bezzy, adds to his growing list of entertaining verses with his contribution to the track.

“He don’t wanna give it up then fuck it, shoot him in his back leg/I be clucking for the money like a motherfucking crackhead/Bitch, you gon’ make me pop you like a blackhead/The clip hang out the Glock longer like Shaq leg,” Carlos raps.

Larry, who was part of XXL’s list of 12 Baton Rouge rappers you should know, caps things off with his own batch of slick rhymes.

“Make a move, I guarantee that you gon’ make the news/And you’ll think I have a garden how I play with tools/Niggas been tripping on the low, but I just play it cool/We just gon’ load ‘em with them TECs and give ‘em the blues,” Larry raps.

Watch the Antoine Thomas-directed video for Que Almighty’s “Put That on Gang” featuring Jungle Muzik Larry and 70thStreetCarlos below.

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