The Migos have done it again this year with "Bad and Boujee" capturing the moment and the charts, and the group will look to capitalize on the forward momentum with their album Culture. The group members have taken turns providing sneak peeks at the work, with a few of them posting the above video to Instagram Thursday evening (Dec. 15).

Whereas past clips have shown Quavo in the backseat listening to the album or Offset in the studio doing the same, this new teaser looks to be from a music video or promo piece. In this new clip, the Migos members are posted up on a shady street, Takeoff leaning against a street lamp, holding the end of his smoke as he raps. "Spent an M and M in June/Took a trip to Cancun/Culture album coming soon," he says before a title card appears. Quavo captioned the video "C O M I N G S O O N..." as well though no specific timeline is mentioned.

At the top of the month, "Bad and Boujee" became the highest charting Migos song to date, climbing to No. 54 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the time since, it's ascended even further, now at No. 24. On the Hot Hip-Hop/R&B chart meanwhile, it has climbed to No. 11. Since emerging onto the scene a few years back, the Migos have been able to consistently outdo themselves with regard to song impact and sing-ability, "Bad and Boujee" being their biggest success yet.

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