Fans have been clamoring for Culture 2 since Migos dropped their platinum-selling Culture album earlier this year. From the looks of things, they'll be clamoring for a good bit longer, too.

Quavo was preparing to play some music during a routine Instagram Live session recently when he revealed that he lost the hard drive containing the tracks from the forthcoming album.

In a video of the Instagram Live session, Quavo can be heard speaking to a few other folks in the studio, apparently trying to find the missing files. The mood in the video is light, and it even feels like Quavo could be joking, but by the end of the vid it appears he's being dead serious.

The Migos have been teasing Culture 2 for quite a while now. Back in June, Quavo announced the album was coming soon as he, Takeoff and Offset performed. During an interview with The Hollywood Fix a little less than two weeks later, Offset said Culture 2 was coming in October.

Now, it honestly appears pretty damn unlikely that Migos didn't save their songs on some sort of cloud storage system, or at least an external hard drive of some kind. But then again, you never know. Maybe they didn't, and the world will be left without Culture 2 for even longer than they expected.

Check out a video of Quavo seeming baffled by the prospect of a lost hard drive containing songs from Culture 2 below.

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