This past fall, Georgia rapper  M.O.S. hit Migos with a lawsuit for allegedly stealing the idea for "Walk It Talk It" from his 2007 song "Walk It Like I Talk It." Speaking with XXL for his cover story interview this past November, Quavo quickly put the notion of "Walk It Talk It" being anything but an original Migos work to rest.

Addressing the matter of the lawsuit, the Quavo Huncho artist made it known he hadn't even known it existed. "I don't even think that lawsuit hit my table," Quavo offered. "I don't know what you talking about."

M.O.S.' song appeared on his DJ Folk-hosted mixtape It's Like a Movie in 2008, and some folks have said it sounds a bit similar to "Walk It Talk It." If Migos' song does sound anything like M.O.S.', though, the "How About That?" rapper denies the idea that Migos ripped off the track. He said the phrase "Walk it, talk it" is one unique to the A.

“'Walk it, talk it' is a saying from Atlanta," he explained. "It had been a saying since the 2000s. Everybody say 'walk it, talk it.' My grandpa, my uncles and shit say 'walk it, talk it.' Man, that shit's an old saying, man. We been saying “Walk it, talk it”.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, M.O.S, who's real name is Leander C. Pickett claims he first heard the track and noticed the similarities to his in January of 2018. Pickett filed a copyright on his song two months later and has since issued a lawsuit against Migos and Capital Records, which alleges Migos' banger uses a "substantial portion" of his song. He is also requesting the group be stopped from performing the track.

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