It appears Georgia's Quando Rondo got into a confrontation with a member of NLE Choppa’s crew at a club on Wednesday night (June 19).

On Thursday morning (June 20), a video surfaced of Rondo jumping on Instagram Live and admitting that he hit NLE Choppa’s friend with a bottle of liquor. We don’t actually see the attack and in the video, Rondo doesn’t explain why he attacked Choppa’s associate.

Sometime after the purported attack, a visibly angry NLE Choppa went on his Instagram Live and responded to Rondo. “How the fuck are you going to hide behind security, you a bitch, nigga,” he said. “Fuck nigga, you hid behind security and threw a bottle at my nigga head, but you gangsta.”

As he finished addressing the altercation, Choppa, whom XXL profiled for The Break earlier this year, left a message for Rondo: “And you can’t come to Memphis, fuck you talking about, bitch."

There’s no word on how this beef got started. Although, later that night, Rondo hopped on Instagram Live to explain the situation. According to him, before he was scheduled to perform at the club, Choppa and his crew confronted him and that’s when Rondo allegedly cracked the bottle upside Choppa’s head.

“Post you homeboy’s face, nigga,” the 20-year-old rapper screamed into his phone addressing Choppa directly. “That little nigga [Choppa] be with his mama, he ain’t built like that.”

In another part of the night, Rondo used his Instagram account to post what appeared to be an Instagram direct message from Choppa. In the message, someone using Choppa's account writes, "“Ion know if you fw me but I just wanna tell u keep turning up clatt and stay safe out there. Been texting young boy nshit allot fake ass beef that was stirred up squashed Nd I just wanna tell ya before I below I was bumping u niggas non stop. Keep turning up LoC.”

In his caption for the repost, Rondo wrote, "scary ass nigga been in my dm tryna solve problems don’t make me post the video.”

See out Quando Rondo and NLE Choppa address last night's events for yourself just below.

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