A lot of people were really upset with Kanye West after he used a mid-concert rant to reveal that he would have voted for Donald Trump, and by a lot of people, we mean hundreds of thousands of angry Twitter users. While recent events might make some soften their stance on "cancelling" the Graduation rapper, the stain of his seemingly pro-Trump comments won't easily wash away, and they're going to be talked about one way or another in the future. One person who'd like to talk to 'Ye about his political beliefs is Q-Tip, who just worked with Yeezy for A Tribe Called Quest's final album, We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service.

During a recent appearance on Bloomberg's With All Due Respect, the Amplified artist said he wanted to have a "serious discussion" with Yeezy about the future president of the U.S. However, he didn't get too far into what exactly he would say. "It's difficult you know, because I love him, that's my brother" Q-Tip explained to Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann before saying he'd reached out to Kanye to talk. "I probably will leave it there because I really care about that dude, but his remarks are something that requires he and I to have a real serious discussion."

What remains very unclear is when, exactly, Kanye and Q-Tip will even be able to have a conversation. On Nov. 21, 'Ye was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center to deal with psychosis brought on by dehydration and extreme exhaustion. However, a few days ago rumors surfaced that Kanye was also suffering from a bad case of paranoia. According to the folks at TMZ, the "Stronger" performer believes people are out to ruin his relationship with his wife Kim Kardashian, who over the last week has refocused her attention onto making him feel better. Kim K reportedly hopes to bring Kanye home today (Nov. 28), but there is no guarantee that that will happen.

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