Before his album Darkest Before Dawn dropped on Dec. 18, Pusha T visited Shade 45 and DJ Enuff's Heavy Hitters Show to talk about his various business ventures, among them being the newly crowned president of G.O.O.D. Music. Pusha said he got a call from Kanye West asking him if he'd be interested in the position and the rest explains itself. Among the many topics covered, Push revealed the early 2016 release schedule for G.O.O.D. which includes new albums from himself and Big Sean.

"The first two projects, we're looking at mine and Sean’s," Pusha said. "I got another album entitled King Push that’s coming out in April. Sean dropping. The Kanye SWISH project, you know he come when he wanna come. I don’t even bother him about his situation."

Push went through the G.O.O.D. roster, and spoke on the struggle to get "Grindin'" to first break. He also spoke on his love of all present day rap, whether it's for him to emulate or not.

"I only know how to make lyric-driven hip-hop. I only know how to rap a certain way. I don’t know how to dumb it down," he said. "How I'm still here I believe is because I’m still outside. I enjoy everything that’s going on in rap right now but I enjoy it in that space. I enjoy it in their space. I’m in the club every night. I’m into everything that’s going on. It’s not my thing. As far as reference and that energy, you sort of infuse some of that energy in what I got going on now. I may do that. I don’t do the auto tune. That just ain't my thing. I don’t know how to."

Pusha said that many of the greats fell out of favor because they weren't embracing the new, something he tries to do constantly. And as for the presidential moves he plans to make, Pusha said he tries to plan as far ahead as possible.

"I’m thinking for the future," he said. "I’m trying to think three years ahead, not just one. That’s just what it takes to win out here."

Catch the full interview above and stream Darkest Before Dawn here.