Pusha T

Pusha T has never been one afraid to make a statement. From his days as one half of Clipse, up until today, Pusha has been known to be one to speak his mind. Coming off of 2013, a year that saw him release a critically acclaimed mixtape; Wrath of Caine, and album; My Name Is My Name, Pusha is looking to continue his success in 2014.

When speaking with XXL, Pusha stated: “[Since October] I've been touring for 'My Name Is My Name', nonstop... I've done almost every festival in Europe, [and] I still gotta go to Australia with 'Ye in October.”

But Pusha is not looking to rest on his laurels. When asked about his plans for his next album, King Push, Pusha said: “This next album is like a heavy proclamation to me. I told people last year I had the Album Of Year. And I felt that I did. I really feel that King Push has to live up to that same hip-hop expectation... My goal is always to have hip-hop Album Of The Year.”

Pusha T made it clear that he is not looking to rush the release of his sophomore effort. When asked about the projected release date of the album, Pusha replied: “I'm sure Def Jam does, but I'm not really going by that. I'm just going by when this music is right.”

Whenever Pusha decides to release King Push, one thing is for certain: his fans will certainly be getting what they've expected of Pusha throughout the years. Says Pusha: “I don't know about everyone else, but if you want hip-hop, you're gonna get that from me.”—Marvin Jules