Pusha T's upcoming solo album My Name Is My Name has been pushed back too many times to count, but with an October 8 release date set in (semi) stone, more details are emerging about the final product. And with Pusha name-checked on Kendrick Lamar's now-infamous verse on "Control," it seems the two have teamed up for a new track on the album.

"[Kendrick]'s on a record called 'Nose Stalgia,'" Pusha T told HipHopDX. "We gave two perspectives. [Kendrick] was giving more, looking from the inside of his home and how his family and his crusade through the drug epidemic affected him. I was giving you the junior high, high school start, showing you what it was and where I was at."

With Kendrick back in the headlines following a diss he aimed at Meek Mill while performing in Brooklyn last night [September 10], it seems that not everyone named in his verse wants to go at him. Pusha also went on to explain that he's got a track with—who else?—Pharrell on the new album, with the hit-maker not ready to cool down from his white-hot summer just yet.

"I have a song produced by Pharrell called 'Sorry Nigga, I'm Trying to Come Home,'" he said in the interview. "The acronym for that is S.N.I.T.C.H. I personally don't really want to hear any more one-dimensional street raps. This is probably the most poignant record on my album. It's the realest record. It just speaks from the perspective of knowing people who've turned over in the game. No rapper talks about that."

My Name Is My Name is due out October 8.