With some extra time after stalling the initial July 16 release date of his solo debut, Pusha T has decided to put some finishing touches on the self described album of the year, My Name Is My Name. That includes adding a beat from actor and moonlighting hip-hop producer, Joaquin Phoenix.

The Virginia rapper recently chopped it up with Vibe and revealed that in addition to the beat makers he has already announced will appear on the LP, Ye tossed him a beat from Phoenix which might make the cut. "When I turned [the album] in June, [Kanye] gave me probably two or three new beats," said Push. "One of those beats was from Joaquin Phoenix, and it's probably gonna be ... I want it to be the intro to my album."

Phoenix is mostly known for his roles in Gladiator and his portrayal of Johnny Cash in the film Walk The Line. But according to Push he aint too shabby on the tracks either.

Check out the interview, HERE.