Pusha T recently surprised fans with the recently-released "Lunch Money" produced by Kanye West. But according to the former Clipse rhymer, fans weren't supposed to hear anything from him yet.

"What people don't know is, 'Lunch Money' wasn't supposed to come out when it did," Push said. "Yeah, it was an accident. In dealing with like iTunes and Google Play and things like that, you have to queue it up early. So we queued up a version early, for the space, and 'Ye decided to take it out of the queue because he wanted to do other things that you hear in the beat now. And you know, he be gone, I be gone, things get lost in translation and it didn’t get taken out of the queue for Google Play. So that’s how people had the wrong version first. And when people had the wrong version, and I found that out, I was like, you know what, it has to go, we gotta just put it out."

According to Pusha, the track was scheduled for the 24th, so fans wouldn't have had to wait much longer for both the song and the video. But he also shared a few details on the status of his upcoming album King Push.

"I've been in with Kanye, I've been in with The-Dream, The-Dream and Tricky, and you guys are in store, man. This King Push album's going to be album of the year," Pusha T said. "Kanye's going to executive produce this one... I'ma tell you this. It was influenced by a couple scenes in a movie called King Of New York."

[Ed. note: unclear if the King Of New York line was about King Push or the 'Lunch Money' video]

Check the full video above, and listen to "Lunch Money" below.