Pusha T recently spoke with vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine about education equality, Hillary Clinton's health care plan, and the elimination of systematic racism.

You can view the video above via Hillary Clinton's official YouTube account. The fellow Virginians linked up at their Liberty City block party in Miami, Florida on Oct. 15. Pusha begins the discussion by stating how important the election of President Obama was to America in 2008. The G.O.O.D. Music President says, "It was definitely a defining moment in knowing that anything is possible." Pusha and Kaine then compare Obama's moment to Clinton's potential moment as the United States' first female president.

Pusha then segues into another topic, saying, "My biggest concern is the criminal justice system. We're definitely on the same page in regards to knowing that it's flawed and needs to be fixed." Kaine responds, "We have communities where everybody respects the law, but everybody needs to be respected by the law too. That's really important. In some of our communities that's not the case. We can also keep better data about the number of citizens that are killed in interactions with police."

The My Name Is My Name rapper later asks, "Your zip code is still a huge factor in the quality of education you may receive. How can we fix that?" The vice presidential hopeful replies, "We want to expand early childhood education, and then we want to make higher education more affordable. So we've got three proposals there. We want to make college debt-free for everybody, enable it to be tuition-free if your family makes less than $125,000 per year. And then if you're already out of college, help people be able to re-finance their debt, so it's not so crushing when they're starting their professional lives."

Kaine commends Pusha T for his own work at one point, saying, “I’m so impressed with not only your art, but that you are speaking a message to you and helping advance our country and our commonwealth.” As aforementioned, you can peep the entire clip above.

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