Per usual, Kanye West has thrown Twitter in a frenzy this week with his influx of tweets, but today's album date reveals for G.O.O.D. Music artists has the hip-hop world on their toes.

During his spiel, 'Ye announced that G.O.O.D. Music President Pusha T will be dropping his next solo album on May 25. The single tweet garnered over 24,000 retweets in less than hour, with Push confirming the information shortly after. "Pusha T is still gon be rapping about moving kilos," wrote one Twitter user, which the "Miami" lyricist responded to with "Indeed i am..."

Aside from Push's album, Kanye also revealed the release date for his forthcoming solo album and Kid Cudi collab project, with the latter, Kids See Ghost, due out June 8. "My album is 7 songs," He initially tweeted out. "June 1st."

In September, the XXL 20th Anniversary cover star revealed the delay behind King Push, which is presumably the LP dropping in next month. "I'm gonna go ahead and let y'all know. I've done this album like three times, right. [Kanye] come in, he pick all the beats and shit. Then he hears the beats and he scraps them and says 'I can do better.' He's done that shit like three times," he explained to the Made in America crowd. "These last few months, we've been locking in day for day, night for night, getting this album perfect for y'all. Just to take it a bit further -- that's the luxury -- when you're on your rap superhero shit, you get the luxury of taking your time and being great. I'm gonna take my time and get this shit right for y'all."

What a time. Check out 'Ye's tweet and Pusha's confirmation below.

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