Over his 30-plus years in the music industry, Suge Knight has built up a reputation of muscle and intimidation. And now, as he faces murder charges, the prosecution is attempting to use his past against him.

TMZ reports that prosecutors have moved to have their witness names in the case kept private for their own safety. The lawyers prosecuting the former Death Row Records exec cited his past criminal offenses, including an attempted murder charge in 1987, as evidence for why their witnesses should be protected.

They even claimed that Suge's rep is so intimidating, when new rappers move to Los Angeles, they're required to pay a monetary tax to stay safe. The presiding judge on Suge's case agreed with the prosecution today (July 22) and ruled that Suge's defense team "cannot receive additional information about some of the potential witnesses."

In July of last year, Suge's case was nearly thrown out because Cle “Bone” Sloan, the surviving victim that was allegedly run over by Knight back in January, refused to identify the former music mogul in court. Prosecutors argue that Bone's inability to serve as a witness was due to the fact that he was threatened.

With his bail set at $10 million dollars, the hip-hop henchman stands on trial for first degree murder. The charges come in connection to a January 2015 hit-and-run incident that took place in Compton while filming the N.W.A biopic Straught Outta Compton. One of Suge's alleged victims,Terry Carter, died from his injuries.

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