For the second time in three months, Internet Money producer Nick Mira is at the head of a beat controversy. This time, the Virginia beat maker is being accused of stealing the track for Juice Wrld's 2018 cut "Lean Wit Me." Nick is vehemently denying those claims.

On Friday (Jan. 18), Mira hopped on social media to set the record straight. According to him, "Lean Wit Me," which appeared on Juice's 2018 project Goodbye & Good Riddance, is totally an original composition.

"Lean Wit Me was recorded from scratch by myself and only me," Nick tweeted Friday. "I played all the guitar myself and recorded the drums."

In a statement, Mira reiterated his claim that the beat for "Lean Wit Me" is one he created by himself.

"I created Juice's 'Lean Wit Me' beat from scratch—I played the guitar live in the beat, I programmed the drums and then I sent the beat for Juice to record to and make the song, just like how we always do," Mira said. "He, Sidepce, and I have have a good working relationship—we’ve been working together for a few years now. And if anyone has doubts that I didn’t create the beat for 'Lean Wit Me' from scratch, I made a video on our Internet Money YouTube channel breaking it down.”

As previously reported by TMZ, Juice and Nick are being accused of ripping off the beat by 16-year-old producer Jerome Willisch from Colorado. Willisch alleges "Lean Wit Me" uses the “essential beat and foundation” of his song called “Ice.” He is asking a judge to put an injunction on Juice Wrld's song and is also seeking monetary damages as well.

Check out Nick Mira and Juice Wrld's first responses to allegations that the "Lean Wit Me" beat was stolen below.

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